Rotary hammer PRDS 11-230V

As a professional rotary hammer of the 6 kg class the PRDS 11-230V with an impact energy of 6 joules possesses enormous power reserves and due to the robust aluminium gearhead and the pneumatic hammer mechanism it provides the perfect solution for continuous high-performance operations during renovation, installation, construction and chiselling work.

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VSP inspection system

Trotec’s VSP is an enormously versatile solution for flexible technical video endoscopy applications. Depending on the task you can combine different push-cable drums and camera heads as pipe camera as well as various endoscopes and borescopes with the central monitor control unit.

VSP is a versatile system solution for professional visual examinations and pipe inspections!

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Thermal imaging camera AC060V

The AC060V is a high-performance thermal imaging camera tablet for the real-time or video thermography with an advanced 6.4-kilopixel detector, a 5-inch touchscreen, an 8-megapixel real image camera and android operating system.

In addition to thermal images you can not only take photos in 8-Mpx resolution, but also record complete infrared videos, transfer them wirelessly via WLAN to your PC...

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Infrared heating panel TIH 350+

Easy-to-handle professional quality “made in Germany” with a heating power of 350 W and a homogenous infrared radiation – the perfect solution for the efficient drying of brickwork near the ground or ceiling.

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New conveying fan TTV 3000

With its patented German industrial design the new, stackable conveying fan TTV 3000 is not only outwardly appealing, it can also impress with its inner values incl. a max. pressure of 360 Pa and an air volume of 3,000 m³/h for the variable application under pressure or suction.

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Professional pyrometer TP7 with multi-point laser

With high and low alarms indicated by an acoustic signal and a change of display colour, the infrared thermometer TP7 enables precise, non-contact measurements of surface temperatures between -50 °C and +1,000 °C – owing to the distance factor 40:1 this holds true even for small and far-away objects.

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Surface dryer TFV 29 FS

The ingenious construction of this radial fan with ideally shaped, robust metal vanes permits a high air flow rate at maximum pressure and simultaneously minimum height.

For this reason the TFV 29 FS in space-saving, slim design is extremely powerful despite its low height and achieves a perceptible reduction of the drying period. Owing to the flexibly adjustable operating position floor...

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Angle grinder PAGS 10-115

Robust, compact and powerful: As one of the lightest angle grinders of its class the PAGS 10-115 can not only reliably be used in bimanual operation. It can also flexibly be guided with just one hand in order to reach poorly accessible locations.

Various discs with a diameter of 115 mm can be used. Hence, you can not only flexibly apply the PAGS 10-115 for cutting or grinding metal, but also...

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